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January 23, 2020


Devon Sowell

Hello Roopinder Tara-

Just one more thought about GrabCAD. So they create a website to upload work. The people making these files are not paid for their time and effort (and many of the files have mistakes). Then they take the work and turn around and sell it for 100 million. Isn't that stealing? LOL

Devon Sowell


1. RE: "Users may have been considered an expense rather than an asset – and, so, an opportunity to make the next MCAD community was ignored." This was puzzling to me. They created a great community at SOLIDWORKS but made no effort to repeat that at Onshape. As an early adopter of Onshape, my experience was not good and I stopped supporting them.

2. My new client really enjoys their new Stratasys 3D printer and using GrabCAD as the software to manage the printing process. They print daily.

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