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November 26, 2019



Well done Lynn, best wishes always.

David Butts

One clarification - I believe Joseph is back with Autodesk as part of the AU team, according to a conversation I had with Adam Sopko at this year’s event. Robert Green has also moved to BricsCAD as well.

Thanks! David B.

Devon Sowell

Hello Roopinder-

I'm now in my 7th year teaching Intro & Advanced SOLIDWORKS at Palomar College, San Marcos,CA.

To say students are excited about Fusion 360 is an understatement. Older students, that come from a company currently using SOLIDWORKS, complain about the cost of SOLIDWORKS, its "Not worth it" can sum up what I hear. When I show them what F360 can do, at only $500/year, they are ecstatic.

Dassault Systèmes and SOLIDWORKS are in cruise mode. A lumbering big ship that takes years to react and change course. Fusion 360 users have plenty of energy and AutoDesk F360 employees have high energy also.

Devon Sowell

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