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February 20, 2019


Devon Sowell


The bloom is off the rose, SOLIDWORKS is an antique has-been.

After 5 years of retirement I was offered a designing job that I couldn't turn down. When I arrived I found mass chaos caused by thousands of duplicate SOLIDWORKS files on the company's network. Also, SOLIDWORKS IS CRASHING all the time on all machines. This includes not Saving work properly. When you come in the next day, all the prior work you last Saved is gone, missing completely.

The support by our Reseller is terrible. They refuse to offer any on-site visits, instead having telephone conferences with the new hires from the reseller, that don't know anything about the software.

I haven't been to 3DWorks World since 2007. Do I miss it? Nope.

It's a nightmare for us. Dreaming of Fusion 360, currently.

Devon Sowell


Design is no longer an isolated task assigned to one or two people. If you are doing product design these days you have to start thinking about intgrated systems, traceability and connectivity. In many cases you also have to worry about regulations. CAD alone is not going to help with these activities.
This is were the 3DX platform comes in. These tools are designed around the new challenges of design in the 21st century.
Step forward with the rest world or stay put and fall behind. Those are your options. I think that is the message DS has been politely attempting to convey over the last 9 years.

All the acquisitionsby DS has been for the 3DX platform. When was the last announcement of an acquisition for the desktop version of SW? And no the electrical component doesn't count.

Daniel Herzberg

Your 30,000 number is interesting. I was able to privately ask GP how many attendees he was targeting for next year, and he said 10k.

Roopinder Tara

Yes, that movie title did occur to me. But who wants to get in trouble with the movie studios? Thank for making the connection -- and for reading!


You missed your chance to title your piece "Scenes from a Lost World" :)

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