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November 27, 2018



San Francisco would be prohibitively expensive, plus you have the San Francisco feces map to deal with.

R.K. McSwain

>>> " AU has been held in Las Vegas every year since 2000."

Except for 2005, when it was in Orlando.


Could not agree more. I have experienced two times conference in LV and even you walk under the same roof to a quick visit to your room and feel that you don't leave the event (even walking through casino smoke and restaurant areas) you leave the event and walk 10-20 minutes to your room. In smaller cities, you walk to many surrounding hotels at the same time, even it happens under the sky.

Corporal Willy

There are some valid points made in this discussion and one that I did not hear discussed too well is the cost of having conventions or large meetings here. I believe Vegas Businesses think too highly of themselves and in some cases have out priced their competition. I know several companies that refuse to have any shows or meetings here.

Darren Young

I can't disagree with a lot of what was said about Las Vegas. It is a much nicer city if you get away from the Strip. However, while there are other cities that can host large numbers of convention attendees, most of those cities don't have the facilities to take 10,000 people and split them into hundreds of smaller classes of 25-300 people.

Orlando hosts a lot of people yet when Autodesk attempted AU there, it was a disaster (IMO). In Las Vegas, the event is within walking distance to everyone's hotel making networking and meeting new people easy anytime. If you host AU at the Moscone Center, once the event concludes people will scatter. In Las Vegas, you have a chance to make a quick trip to your hotel during the day without really leaving the event.

But, if you really want to move it, I'd suggest New Orleans...the food is fantastic!

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