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October 30, 2018



This is an easy question. Simply put Dassaults purchase of Solidworks. I'm not sure SW would be nearly as successful without the deep market capabilities and pockets of DS.


I expect that this acquisition from Hexagon will be significant for Bricsys, primarily for the visibility that it will bring to Bricscad software. Bricscad is generally not well known but this will certainly draw attention to a very comparable competitor to the likes of Autodesk's AutoCAD. While it may never reach the adoption that AutoCAD has achieved, I believe it's user-base will certainly increase to a point where it's visible on the 'CAD software used' pie chart.

Rande Robinson

The Only company that I think may have done this is Nemetschek with their acquisition of Bluebeam. But even here the Nemetschek "professionals" are from what I can gather causing problems for expanding sales and use of the product farther. The same old story when you replace passion and vision with professional business management you pretty much kill expansion and growth. At least IMHO.

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