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December 04, 2017



Hi David

Customers have invested in THEIR software packages and we will not hand them back to Autodesk just so we can rent them again but not have the right to use them if we choose to stop subscription based on limited advancements in development - we the people will not pay Autodesk for RANSOMWARE

You bean counters just dont get it

Dave Stupka

Not sure you realize this, but customers are driving the subscription model as much as the software vendors. Purchasing licenses with capital expense is painful from an accounting perspective. Being able to pay for subscriptions with operating expenses is a much appreciated option for most companies. Basic accounting is driving this change as much as anything else.

Dave Ault

Says someone who does not use the software for earning a living I suppose. I do and I am gone on 12-15-17. Two primary reasons. One is they want subscription only which is good for them if they survive long enough and very bad for customers who want cost containment and control. Those wise fiscal things Autodesk is pursuing that somehow should not apply to our businesses in turn.

Two is the TOS and EULA we all must sign to use future cloud based software from Autodesk and it absolves them from any damage due to hacking online or at porous server farms. These will sit as hard copy right next to the confidentiality agreements we have to sign with OUR customers where we have to guarantee their data security.

There is another moral aspect to this which is not lost on the customer base that made Autodesk what it is namely perpetual licenses.
Autodesk has stated to many of your stock analysts that subscription only is the future for them. So people who spent many tens of thousands of dollars over the years are to be jettisoned? Autodesk is raising prices to us rapidly and after three years gives no cost structure or promises. Many of us assume this is because the only way they can eventually end perpetual seats is to phase the software out for a more robust Fusion360. In a business where intellectual property has value and can have value for decades we do not plan year by year. Autodesk is proving itself to be a company that is not stable where users are concerned and not to be relied upon to keep their promises.

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