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March 09, 2015


Adam C.

I am a Autodesk Fusion 360 User using the free tier of the product and I am a little surprised at how dismissive Mr Hirschtick is of Fusion 360. I think Fusion 360 is more than CAD merged with dropbox. I should say first that I am by no means an Autodesk Fanboy and am on the waiting list to be added to the Onshape beta, however I will say that I am really happy with Fusion 360. Fusion 360 seems to have all of the benefits that Onshape offers but in a much more mature package (CAM, organic surfaces, rendering) - in fact it is even cheaper, the free tier is better (no file limit) and $25 a month for the paid version. The only benefit I can point at is that it is browser based, which for me is not a benefit because I use CAD from an airplane and prefer the heavy client. I am certainly willing to be surprised and look forward to trying out Onshape, but on it's surface, Onshape does not seem to be a step up from Fusion 360.

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