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August 18, 2014


CFD Beast

AutoDesk is NOT, repeat NOT a CFD company. They have no magic or special power to render fluid flow in all its complexity in seconds while companies that have done this for decades still take hours.

It's true that the traditional CFD vendors really should make it easy to input 3D data into their software from many sources, but this is really the easy part. The hard part is being able to set the conditions for the solver so that it gives a solution that matches with experimental data which requires a seasoned fluid mechanics expert who understands both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of both laminar and turbulent flow, compressible vs. incompressible, and so on.

Anyone who would trust AutoDesk (ahem) CFD software results as anything other than a very rough idealized and highly simplified view of what is happening for real-world product design or mission-critical work is a serious dweeb. Beyond the "oh wow that's cool" factor, for all but the simplest flows, this software is little more than art masquerading as engineering.


All software producers made software simpler with each new version. It's good because simpler interface make faster results. Software producer use well known simulation engines and connect with their software. Very good step to make good calculation.


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