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July 11, 2014



CAD Software is used essentially to encompass a wide range of software applications. They happen to be one of the most wonderful inventions of industry.

Nancy Johnson, Cadalyst

The free version of SketchUp has always been "not for commercial use." Anyway, that was the stipulation when Google owned it. Unless Trimble made that practice OK temporarily, nothing has changed.

Matt Donley

One thing that's very important to add, is buying SketchUp Pro isn't simply buying a license to use SketchUp commercially. You are also purchasing LayOut (included with Pro), which is a very valuable tool for professionals to help them document their 3D models in 2D.

You also get additional features such as the ability to create dynamic components, and additional import and export capabilities.

rande robinson

Just read the same basic article in an email about autodesk new pricing scheme for governments and educational users of AutoCAD 2015...greed may still kill the cad's golden geese. Never seems to be any good news in EULAs....Maybe why so few read them...

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