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May 22, 2014



Spaceclaim is the future, it runs great has tons of add-ins now (algoryx), was machinist's best friend, now also engineers best friend.

Jon Banquer

SpaceClaim marketing faulted because they never had a clear direction and they switched marketing plans on frequent basis.

SpaceClaim product development stopped listening to long time customers who needed more powerful tools to get the job done. Specifically, low level surfacing tools and a much better way than Excel to manage family of parts.

When you stop listening to what long time users are telling you it's over. You have it right, it's been over for SpaceClaim since Blake Courter left.

I love SpaceClaim but I don't feel ANSYS has any interest in SpaceClaim users like myself who aren't happy and haven't been happy for years with SpaceClaims lack of development.

Jon Banquer
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