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December 05, 2013


Tom Lansford

Hi Roopinder,

Disclaimer : I did not go to AU nor see the presentation from Jeff and Carl.

1) I agree about the % of planet on the web,
2) important is the % of designers/engineers on the web
3) Autodesk IMO is trying to get in front of the parade and looking down the road 5, 10, 15 years.

Point 3 is critical, I think, because you and I both know that Autodesk was created during and successful due to the disruptive effect of the PC 30 years ago. It is clear that Autodesk management sees the cloud as a similar disruptive agent which has the potential to kill a 30 year old company like Autodesk (if they do not react) as the PC eventually killed many of the established CAD companies who were so successful in the 80s…

In the end, Autodesk still has all the desktop apps and is gaining a lot of cloud experience and searching hard to capitalise on the opportunities … IMO, because they know that their own birth came through a disruptive tech-change and they don't want to become victims of a new tech-change.


Christopher Fugitt

I'd have to say as a resident just about 4 hours south of Autodesk's headquarters, the cloud is squarely a desktop application and fails when working away from a dedicated line. Working without an office is just not possible since reliable internet connections in the US are hard to come by in most areas outside of the big cities. No need to look to Rwanda on why the cloud approach isn't a sound one. Not quite sure why I would want to renew my subscription to Civil 3D since most of the resources are going to a cloud product I can't reliably use.

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