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May 07, 2012


Dave Ault

Hi Roopinder,
Have to say you missed the boat on this one. PLM World never really gave a flip about SE and SE was shoved into the corner of the big hall where the Red Heads go. There to be casually observed from a distance with disdain. SE at the last Summit in Cincy in 2005 had I believe somewhere close to 500 attendees. When I ran all the sessions for SE at PLM World a few years back there were 37 SE users in attendance. That was the old SE before new management took over. Personally speaking I will never darken their doors again as SE is now back in hands that care.

As you will see in Nashville this June it is now a different ballgame. Really you saw this last year and you know big changes are going on.

The first time a pure SE event was held after being removed from PLM World a lot of users who would have attended were sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if the change was for real. I figure on many more this year as we all left with a good report and users now believe and have expectations that things are on track.

I look forward to seeing you again at the true venue for SE where you can look forward to a number of announcements about the future of SE. It is no longer the software you've never heard of and the big push is just about to begin.

If you are an SE user and you have a chance of being there all I can say is when the reports come out you will regret not going.

Jon Banquer

Solid Edge is a bust and it has been a bust for many years. If busting out was going to happen for Solid Edge it would have happened with new management that's been in place for several years now. Sadly, new Solid Edge management has made very little progress in better marketing and in giving Solid Edge the tools it so badly needs.

There is still no fully integrated CAM for Solid Edge, there is no CMM inspection program that runs inside of Solid Edge ST, etc. Siemens has steadfastly refused to port their own powerful NX CAM so that it can run inside the Solid Edge ST user interface leaving Solid Edge ST badly crippled when it comes to true, fully integrated CADCAM for manufacturing.

There still isn't a quality website for the Solid Edge ST educational version. After doing the right thing and finally making an educational version of Solid Edge ST available, Solid Edge management has failed and continues to fail at using the educational version to help drive new interest and new sales of Solid Edge ST. A user to user support forum should be attached to such a website and not hidden away like it is now. Tons of videos showing off features as well as tutorials should be on such a website.

Clearly new Solid Edge management has failed and sadly some of the old incompetent management that couldn't get the job done is still there. The time for excuses is long past over when it comes to Solid Edge.

I'm sure Solid Edge ST 5 will have some really good improvements when it's shown next month but I don't see it making much of a difference. It's really sad that a product with so much potential continues to be so badly mismanaged.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

Karsten Newbury

Roopinder, thanks for the post and for rooting for Edge! ....remember, this is our "big PLM" event. Our "bust out" "private event" for Edgers only is #SEU12 in Nashville, 6/11-14. We will continue to support both while focusing on the Edge specific community. ;-)

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