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September 13, 2011


cad services

social media is becoming tougher day by day. We must change strategy then and there

CADD Services

anyway social media can be used in right way but many are misusing it to create negative effect.

cad drafting services

If you use social media to spread something unique and have circles who are keen over it, i guess you will get to know lot of good things about industry.

CAD Services

I am totally agreed with this article. Sometimes social media useless but for business it is really useful. We have got lot of business from Social Media but for that you must have to seriously concentrate on it..

directory of business

The web seems to have eventually left both list press and industry events in shambles, however. Since then, no organization has been able to expert the the press of the day on the internet press.


It's more lately, another big CAD organization quickly announced mid conference that all tweeting and images were to stop quickly after trying to enlighten us how advertising informed hip and on the internet they were.


Couldn't agree more with this article. Our company has seen alot of its growth directly from being dedicated to expanding our social presence. Other types of advertising (especially for a start-up company) are expensive and saturated. Social media is inexpensive an can be as big as you decide to make it.

Randall Robinson

Excellent article wish I had seen before my social media presentation last week at the 2011 HEEP conference in Winnipeg. Autodesk does seem to be the leader in using social media (as I was just reminding Bentley last week). One thing to note is that social media is bested used by people who are knowledgeable and PASSIONIATE about an interest or technology. Autodesk seems to have a great many people who fit the category. The other key thing is just taking the time to use it and making it part or your daily activities. Which I think is where most vendors fall short.


Good article. I use all the items I can to advertise my website. I am on twitter and facebook. Your right about misusing it. When I tweet it is not only about my website and facebook the same thing. I think people get tired and turned off when you pitch so much. Thank you for the advice.


I largely agree with all of this, but would argue two points:

1. Don't dismiss LinkedIn. It's just a different tool for a different purpose. It works very well for verifying who people are and for making business-world connections. Lots of "kids" have begun to find me there because now they actually would like to get a job that leverages the expertise they've displayed in other online mediums.

2. People like to talk about how social media is "free" or "inexpensive," and that's true as far as dollars spent. But it's also real work by real people and people aren't free. How many companies just add social media duties to employees without adding anything to their compensation? Almost all of them. If you want your social media to be well done, make it someone's job and pay them for it. Don't just expect people to add hours to their work week, and stick their neck out in public, because you as a company decided you needed to get on board the social media train.

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