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September 07, 2011


Matt Lombard

I think responses like Mr. Sweeney's are why if CAD Olympics are going to have any real value, they can't involve the vendors. They have to be run by competent users, and judged by people not influenced by things like employment or advertising money. That leaves just about no one. How do you plan to keep these impartial, and free of the ridiculous partisan politics that you know would ensue?

Even if you were to use vendors for the demos, how would you get them all to play? I'm sure of at least one that would not cooperate.

Scott Sweeney


We couldn't agree more. I think it was Scar from the Lion King who echoed those words, "Life's not fair."

Another popular cliche is that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." And as the pioneers of today's Direct CAD revolution, with KeyCreator Direct CAD, we at Kubotek USA, www.kubotekusa.com, applaud venture funded Spaceclaim Corp's success in helping to spread the Gospel of 3D direct modeling.

Spaceclaim Direct CAD and Kubotek's KeyCreator Direct CAD are both better than the history-based giants of today.

CAD tools are almost like religion, but eventually the cost of not using the most productive tool will force companies to adopt 3D Direct CAD technology.

And the revolution of the web and social media has indeed leveled the playing field. Companies can learn and try new technologies with the simple click of a mouse.

We have never been more energized or optimistic about the future of CAD, including our own products and what that means for the future of design, engineering and manufacturing. These are the winners of the Direct CAD revolution. Direct CAD will unharness their creativity and effectiveness, enabling companies to create better products, faster and with fewer cost.

You and Scar are correct: Life's not fair.. and that's a good thing for all.

Roopinder Tara

Matt, the CAD Olympics is a dream of mine and propose it to CAD vendors in the hope of getting sponsors. I'll note you are interested, as we certainly would need judges.

Matt Lombard

CAD software takes months to evaluate properly, and you might have to buy it to do that. By that time you have so much invested in it, that it's hard to switch.

You've mentioned CAD Olympics a couple of times. This is really necessary for users to get impartial opinions and for vendors to own up to reality.

How do we get started?


Agree! Designers know only few CAD sofware's and they tend to go with them! in that course other very good software's wont get a chance of even a review. Its tough out there cracking the market is difficult. But one should keep trying!
designfunda (www.productdesignfunda.com)

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