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June 23, 2011


Dave Ault

There are times when I think Roopinder has a sense of humor and is not above putting a stick into a fire ant nest and stirring just to watch the reaction.
That having been said I think his choice of using someone provocative to make his point is brilliant.

Tip of the hat to you Roopinder for this admirable choice.

Jon Banquer

I think very highly of SpaceClaim. It's easily the best user interface I've ever used for either a CAD or CAM product. I see a very bright future for SpaceClaim because they learn from their mistakes and because they "get it" big time: open forum, tons of free video tutorials, etc. I find SpaceClaim to be an easy company to work with. They listen very well and I hope to see some of the suggestions I and others have asked for implemented soon.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

Florence Tan

I respect Banquer for his courage to stand for the truth in fighting for what the industry need in terms of productivity. What does Banquer think about SpaceClaim? Does he see a future in this product and company?

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