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May 16, 2011


Leslie Gordon

I've been following the "maker" theme for quite awhile, so this was interesting reading. Thought you might like to see these:





Cheers! Leslie Gordon


They seem to build up big expectations. I guess this software will certainly be crippled. Maybe with extremely limited export options or an ultra-proprietary file format with encrypted headers ?

By looking at the vids on their Facebook page, it seems the software may be too basic to address the needs of their intended target. After all, Sketchup -free version- is already used for years by a lot of tinkerer/hobbyists, because of the huge number of free ruby scripts extending it's functionality...

I guess Autodesk wants to get people “upgrading” from 123D to their premium softs –quite a steep upgrade path: free>$5k- ! I think the first thing they should do is to explain that they won’t suddenly “discontinue” 123D leaving the hobbyists stuck with their useless 3D design files… This already happened in the past with various free 3D software offerings.

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