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September 30, 2010


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Bill McEachern

Waiting on compute intensive simulation tasks isn't the most fun thing I do all day. Two things take time - meshing and solving. You would think if they really wanted to get it going they would supply or make available for licensing highly optimized key bits to those processes. The solving one being the far more important one. It couldn't happen quick enough for users of these tools. They should get the memory makers to join in as a lot more of that would be required once they get it going as the trend toward dense models seems endless.

oil painting

Why should Nvidia care about Intel, which seems to have a firm a grip on the CPU chip market? Shouldn't Nvidia stay on their side of the fence, with their GPUs?


AMD ATi also has a strong GPU-as-faster-CPU program, but they are following Apple's OpenCL initiative.

The problem is that the code is specific to the graphics board, unlike code written for the Pentium, which also works on AMD chips.

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