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April 15, 2010


Just some marketing guy

This post is laughable.

1) It's not advertising *revenue*, that's what you would get if you had ads on your site. Real companies spend advertising budget.

2) Google, if not the most popular, is one of the most popular, cost effective, and measurable ways to get quality traffic to your website. You clearly have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

3) Having a Google Adwords campaign is easy. Having an effective one that is highly optimized to both drive a high volume AND a high lead quality level at a low cost is not. Especially in a saturated market like CAD. Not to mention all the A/B testing, multivariate testing, trend analysis, heat map analysis of landing pages, etc. Of course, you know that since you're a CAD blogger and are clearly keen on what it takes to be a successful marketer.

4) Google has 2 types of advertising mechanisms. One is called AdWords, the other is the Content network. On one, you pay per click. On others, you pay per impression. Of course, you know that.

In summary, you're a CAD blogger. Stick to that. The analysis was cute though.

Joan Naidish

I'm sure you know that your two DOs are a "marketing campaign." As a matter of fact, one of our marketing/PR firm's clients is a GIS software business that is conducting a successful blogger & Google ad campaign. However, it's MarkeTech's press releases that have yielded 17,500 hits for them on Google search from a single press release(a result that doesn't happen with Google Ads). Each of those hits cost the client only $0.06. The first release resulted in a feature article in Defense News. Your perception that results of marketing campaigns "aren't easy to gauge;" that they "take time to run;" and "run into several thousands of dollars" are conclusions that aren't supportable.

Sunith Babu


I agree with you, some CAD - Autodesk Inventor 3rd party developers have made profits from advertising in my blog . . .

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