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April 07, 2010


Dave Ault

UGS Calls on Marketing to Put Solid Edge in the Lead
An interview with UGS VP Bruce Boes, who thinks other products getting more credit than Solid Edge is just plain unfair
by Roopinder Tara, Editor, TenLinks, October 7, 2005
Bruce Boes, VP UGS Velocity Series Marketing

TenLinks tracked down Bruce Boes, VP UGS Velocity Series Marketing, at the recent Solid Edge user conference. Despite running the show, Bruce made time to talk to us. (For a report on the user conference, see "Solid Edge Seeks Spotlight")

Bruce has been with UGS for 3 years. UGS has shown growth in each quarter of the last 3 years. Bruce is too modest to make the connection. You see, Bruce is more of a company man. He’ll devote most of our time together convincing me that Solid Edge is the best (SolidWorks and Inventor be damned) and that UGS is a great company. “What do you expect, I’m in marketing,” he says with a smile.

UGS Not Content to Let Products Sell Themselves

I talked with Bruce after Tony Affuso, president and CEO of UGS, had put him on the spot. Tony had told all assembled (600 estimated) Solid Edge users, vendors, etc., that UGS was not going to depend on the product selling itself, as it had in the past—they were now going to market the product! That put the ball solidly in Bruce’s court.

Here is a blast from the past for you Roopinder. We don't have to worry about some companies inundating us with pictures and words now do we. What can the upper management wonks at Siemens be thinking or drinking I don't know.

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