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December 02, 2009


R. Paul Waddington

"We're fighting yesterday's wars."
In the area of licencing, the wars, are all of Autodesk's creation; the result of poorly thought through, customer bashing policies.

What Autodesk - and its management - has lost is not a court case but Autodesk's credibility in being able to demonstrate it understand the world(s) of their customers.

Autodesk has, however, demonstrated it is completely incapable of protecting customers' data. Without that ability no design, manufacturing company or thinking/competent management would entertain Bass's crew handling their intellectual property.

Without cred' in this area Autodesk's products in the cloud are simply.....

I challenge Bass to stand up/out and show us why we customers should 'trust' Autodesk!

geoff m

no way jose.
i cant see many folks paying the same price for software that resides elsewhere. whats next, pay by the line, and pay extra for red?
no wonder folks are bailing out of subscription.

Scott Sheppard

To try Project Twitch for yourself, go to http://labs.autodesk.com/technologies/trials/.

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