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December 02, 2009



It's 160 mph, not 116. Wow!

A non a moose

Except most people don't make rational decisions when buying a car. The car companies are masters at making cars that appeal to people at a visceral level.

I thought he should have quoted Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus (the car company) that the way to make a race car faster was to "add lightness"


Ford has a hybrid SUV that looks exactly like gasoline-only ones, except for an extra vent on each side.



Not quite sure how good of a comparison an indy style car to a passenger vehilce, actually is since the indy car is designed to do exactly what it did in splitting apart. Passenger vehicles are designed to absorb the crash through crumple zones and not split apart, so Mr Lovins comparison of the two might look neat on the screen, but is more of an apples Vs oranges thing. I would simply like to see someone build a hybrid or electric vehicle that has some style, and doesn't cost $50,000 +. The Prius is a neat concept, but it's not the most stylish thing around. How about something that appeals to the car enthusiasts around the world?

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