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August 17, 2009


Roopinder Tara

Thanks, Ralph. Alibre appears to be going underground with its free product, Alibre Xpress, removing just about any mention from the corporate site. However, a quick search on Google and I see it's available on several download sites, including download.com and tucows.

Debankan Chattopadhyay

I agree that Alibre's competitors will not lose sleep over this. Not yet. Price alone can never be a game changer, not in CAD. There's a lot of old baggage (compatibility, data exchange,...) to deal with.

If anything at all, Alibre's competitors can feel envious of the "webshare" that it has garnered since the announcement. I think everyone and Santa Claus has had something to say about this $99 offer! I think its time we let go of this topic and move on to something else. Else, other companies will think this a good way of "spreading the word" and come up with ridiculous offers. Earlier today, I read on Deelip.com about IntelliCAD now for $65!! Where will this end?


Alibre Xpress is still available in disguised form: download a demo of Design, and after 30 days it reverts to Xpress.

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