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April 19, 2009


Sunith Babu

If people try to bring a glimpse of any new ideas on the table try to appreciate them and acknowledge them. But not to take the extracts and publish them as if they were viewed for the first time across the table.


Man, Roopinder. I for one am extremely glad on the coverage of COFES this year. It's been incredible insight to me as a user, writer and person generally interested in what is going on in the CAD world. Deelip's coverage was incredible. hearing from CEO's and the founders. wow. incredible. it's not a bad thing. not by a longshot.

noted: make Roopinder's job easier ;) btw, You know I'll attempt to keep putting up original content for ya to link up. :)


Is anyone NOT a cook?

While not everyone should be a blogger, I am thrilled that blogging gives the opportunity to those who have something useful to contribute to do so though a no-barrier platform.

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