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March 31, 2009


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steel buildings

I wonder if these buildings are even safe in an area known for tremendous earthquakes.


It was a great conference. Nice to run into you again!

I think Generative Components' approach to building design (letting the algorithm automatically generate a building shape based on the architect's requirements) requires a huge cultural shift. Architects are used to controlling how the final building will look, so asking them to relinquish that autonomy to an extent and leave room for the software to provide creative input is a significant change.

It could usher modern architecture towards a whole new direction. (But I do hope not all the new buildings will be in phallic shapes, like the ones pictured here.)


And don't forget that complex roofs and walls lead to rain leakage. Gehry's latest (Ontario museum of something or other) is now leaking, too.


The problem with curvey organic buildings is that they are space-inefficient. People live in rectangular rooms, work in rectangular offices.

Adding a facade to the outside that is non-rectangular reduces the amount of sq ft available for living and working space on the inside.

My house is a older, plain 50'x25' rectangle, but I have far more sq ft of living space than my neighbour across the street in his new "California"-style house with all its architecturally-interesting pertrubances.

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