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November 11, 2008



Certainly non history based modeling is the next generation. I would change the tagline a little though - i would say controlled history or history when you want... The old paradimgn is just that, old. The problem the likes of Spaceclaim and ST have is not technology, marketing, or need. The problem is sales. I mean how to sell it. CAD is a technical, political, analytical sale. Without some one to run the fight nothing will happen. So certainly they can spend on marketing but if a sales person doesn't go pick a fight, nothing will happen.

Adam Charlton

Jon Banquer,

Glad you like NX6 with ST! For mainstream CAD users, Solid Edge with ST is great. For more specialized and fully integrated CAM you can't beat NX 6. As with all of our products, each version includes major enhancements and upgrades. How did your NX demo go?

Adam Charlton - Siemens PLM

Jon Banquer

My guess is that where ST is gaining the most momentum is in NX 6. When you use ST in NX 6 you don't lose the history like you do in Solid Edge with ST. In history mode using NX 6, shelling and one other command I can't remember (sectioning maybe) doesn't work. Perhaps this will be addressed in a later release?

ST is a godsend to manufacturing and history based modeling is a nightmare. ST and even more powerful ST tools are the answer for the tools that machinists need. Machinists need these powerful tools to work with models that designers and engineers often create which need to be fixed / modified so they can be manufactured.

I'd like to see Apple Computer's prototype machinists interviewed on how they use ST in NX 6. Perhaps they don't want to comment because they might view ST as a tool that gives them a decided advantage. :>)

Roopinder it’s time for you to start using Solid Edge with ST and start talking about your experience learning it. It looks like NX 6 is the direction I might go in for ST because of it’s powerful fully integrated CAM.

Shout out to Paul W. I always enjoy reading his comments.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

R. Paul Waddington

I would have to a agree with you and Matt. ST is definitely a tool that is needed and of value to a great many; even if they don't see it that way at his point in time.

Matt Lombard


Great story. It's interesting to hear things like that. It's hard to tell what's going to happen vs what "should" happen. Lots of people just don't see the value. After having looked at it for a while, there are definitely some weaknesses, but the concept is lovely. It will be interesting to watch this stuff mature.

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