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November 14, 2008



Synchronous tech is (at the moment) strongly backed up by Siemens and presented as the "next best thing" in MCAD.
1. I doubt the effectiveness of the approach they try to introduce. To tell the truth, I haven't seen even one particular segment of industry were it has a significant advantage, unless you view your users as a second violin to other CAD technology (being able to do some extra work with imported models is not a huge benefit for a leader).
2. Marketing is not the whole story and Solid Edge marginal success, not to say business underperformance, has a lot to do with technology that never quite delivered. The development team leaders never fully understood markets real needs and ST is no exception.
A lot of resources have been invested into ST, now they try to re-educate a well mature market and convince it they need something different... completly different.
ST development has claimed enough resources to leave other areas untouched and it may prove to be critical in near future.

I believe ST will be remembered as one of Solid Edges' pitfalls.
But, I may be wrong... in any case it is a bet, for some reason, Siemens has decided to take.
I assume they know what they're doing... or...?

I was quite disappointed with what I have seen. There are still many issues at the concept level to resolve.

Hope the market has a different approach, as I do see a place for Solid Edge in the MCAD market.

It's a pitty there aren't many players left anyway...


R. Paul Waddington

I once heard it stated, by a PTC person – factual or otherwise you can decide – that Autodesk had done a great job, for them, introducing users to 3D.
Just as he believed Autodesk’s product inadequacies made it possible for PTC to ‘swing’ disappointed Autodesk users their way so it maybe Solid Edge’s Sync’ Technology may be responsible for ‘awakening’ the reality, in other vendors, of the alternative requirements of many of their customers.

Marketing is incredibly important – in getting the word out - but at the end of the day Solid Edge has to make a user money and the difficulty in our market is going to be how Adam Charlton demonstrates to ‘me’ that changing away form AutoCAD, MDT and Inventor will actually make me more money than I presently do? That requires an outstanding product, knowledgeable, patient and very attentive VAR’s. Additionally Siemens must be prepared to allow VAR’s to be extremely flexible in their business arrangements, as unlike, for Autodesk, Solid Edge is not ‘making the market’ it is going to need to change the market and that requires an entirely different approach and strategies to that which we see from ALL vendors at this point in time.

It is worth noting Autodesk appointed a huge number of ‘VARs’ and then savagely culled many. In the process Autodesk cleaned out some very good small operators simply because they chased customer satisfaction in preference to sales numbers (Autodesk’s continuing preference to quality service). The result, in the MCAD space, here in Australia, is a very small privileged and inattentive dealer base that is far from adequate or of use to many Autodesk customers!

So the challenge(s), for Siemens (Adam Charlton), is not just how to get the word out but in finding how to make existing users enough additional money, using Solid Edge, to make the switch imperative and to be able to do that by using VARs that are going to be allowed to flexibly manage the way they go about it?

I hope Siemens’s Sync’ Technology succeeds: I also hope they force the others to change; is it too much to ask that both may happen?

Adam Charlton

Thanks for your post! We are strongly focused on enhancing the Solid Edge Partner Channel. I think you should expect a big increase in VARs this year as well as Solid Edge marketshare. Synchronous Technology is very impressive and will lead to many changes in the CAD landscape.

Adam Charlton
Siemens PLM Software - IPS


There is more to selling software than having good technology and marketing. You also need to have a robust sales, training and technical infrastructure.

As an ex-Autodesk reseller, I had a career changing decision to make 11 years ago.

I was fed up with Autodesk MCAD group continually saying "the next release will be better than the competition".

My customers demanded and deserved more that hollow statements.

I invited PTC, Intergraph and SolidWorks to visit my company and pitch their MCAD business and technical advantages.

At the time PTC wasn't motivated to grow their VAR channel.

Intergraph sounded like Autodesk with their "wait till the next version" pitch.

SolidWorks sent Vic Leventhal and Paul Adams to visit. Vic laid out their business plan, and Paul addressed the technical side.

Ultimately, I decided to become a SolidWorks VAR. Autodesk decided not to renew my reseller contract after they found out.

After 11 successful years selling, teaching and supporting SolidWorks, I'm very glad I made the choice I did.

While not always perfect, SolidWorks has successfully created a business and technical model that works.

In my opinion, Siemens is going to have a very hard time getting traction in the market with SolidEdge.

It's too cheap to sell with a direct sales and technical team, and they don't have enough qualified independent resellers to meet the market demand.

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