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June 02, 2008


Joe Croser

Hi Roopinder, you report our chat accurately with one slight error. i referenced our new tagline "sustaining infrastructure" not "sustainable" as you reported. And yes there is a clear differentiation.

Buddy Cleveland, my colleague and head of our applied research group sums up well the value of "sustaining infrastructure" on his Blog http://communities.bentley.com/blogs/buddy_cleveland_bentleys_blog/archive/2008/06/09/be-keynote-follow-up.aspx

Cheers and great to see you again!


Robert B. Sandkam

"Isn't AEC software about turning green fields into concrete and metal?"

Short of a total collapse of the economy, buildings will be built regardless of anything. If Bentley (or anyone else) has software that will help people execute more efficient buildings, in a more efficient manner, then that is a good thing.

"For Earth's sake, shouldn't we walk?"

Yes, we should. The end result of the rising fuel costs is not building more fuel effecient cars cars, it is land use planning that allows us to live where we work. My commute is a mile. I have biked to work every weekday for two solid years. But, I am the fortunate one. I have a fantastic neighborhood close to where I work. Not every body is that lucky (and by not everybody, I mean about 99% of the population). The end game is better land use planning. Unfortunately, it took us about fifty years to get to where we are, and I suspect it will take a minimum of fifty years to fix it.

"But are we doing as much as is needed?"

There are 300 million people in the United States alone. Nothing we do as individuals is ineffective. The economies of scale are simply too great. We should never attempt to convince ourselves that individuals can not make a difference.

Individuals and individual companies can make a difference. Bentley designing and shipping this kind of software is not just a marketing gimmick. It is the marketplace solving a problem and answering a need.

And that is a good thing, because our government is not leading us to make a difference. Read Kennedy's "We choose to go the Moon" speech and imagine that he is talking about solving the energy crisis, instead of sending someone to the moon. Where is that level of commitment from the federal government today? And do we really expect it to emerge with a new administration?

So, instead of acting like "green" software features are a solution looking for a problem, maybe we should recognize them for what they really are: Useful tools, that when put to proper use, can and will make a difference in what we build.


Perhaps even more green than Mr Wilkinson's ideas is a return to pencil and paper -- mostly made of renewable resources.

Paul Wilkinson

Joe Croser's comments reflect the arguments made by many designers when asked about their green credentials, and implicitly suggest that these designers should be investing in yet more Bentley software to make their designs even greener.

However, the software itself may not be developed, delivered and deployed in the greenest manner. Could we, one day, see Bentley software that has been created so as to minimise its carbon footprint? Perhaps web-native CAD software, hosted in energy-efficient data centres, and accessed via the internet by low-energy thin-client PCs?

Probably not, but, hey, I've blogged about it - at http://www.extranetevolution.com/extranet_evolution/2008/06/greener-than-thou.html.

John Burrill

Well written, Roopinder. You made an argument that's difficult to swallow but also impossible to dodge.
However, I cite myself as a bastion of the green movement because of my chosen profession.
I want a T-shirt that says 'CADDERS do it in the dark.' Oh and the letters should be green.
I also consider my dual monitor set up eco-friendly because my old 21" CRT's were so heavey that my desk was going to break requiring me to buy a new one and by so doing, kill 30-odd trees to make that signature IKEA particle board.
Oh and my habits are very green. I'm so horribly disorganized on paper that I've abandoned it for the most part and in cases where I have to use it (printing directions since I don't have a GPS device for the FEDS to locate me with) I frequently leave the material in my stead-returning it to the Earth Mother.

Robin Capper

Some argue Toyota's Hybrids are total greenwash...

Rinaldo Rinolfi, VP Fiat Powertrain Technologies

"Hybrids should only be used if there is no other, cheaper, way of making a petrol engine more efficient. Unfortunately for Toyota there is"

see my post" It's not easy being green - Are hybrid cars worse?" http://rcd.typepad.com/personal/2007/01/its_not_easy_be.html

Rande Robinson

They changed there logo to green. So they must be I saw it on the internet...marketing is a wonderful thing...Isn't it?


Green is all about selling more of the three 'S's -- $oftware, $ubscriptions, and $ervices.

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