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May 01, 2008


Roopinder Tara

Received these comments from Dassault:

"The intent is not to get past this [elite] status. Cutting edge technology and power to address complexity will remain. The idea is to make complexity easier to manage and apprehend when products and processes are complex, while on the other hand reduce the complexity whenever it’s not required in order to make it accessible to a broader range of non expert people.

"The intent is to put the collaborative 3D media at the heart of the enterprise and expand the range of people collaborating around this media. More people, more diversity, more experiences leading to more innovation and greater chance to make it the 'product to buy.'

"3D online environment for everybody to experience products virtually. Not just regular designers, analysts, or manufacturing engineers but also marketing, procurement, executives etc.

"DS is not aiming for 'CATIA on a Gameboy.' Our drive to the consumer market is to involve the consumer within the innovation process; get consumer feedback into the product lifecycle sooner and more often, by deploying easy to use tools. 3DVIA's Virtools, 3DVIA.com, 3Dswym.com are all examples of that. We are creating the capabilities companies will need to involve their consumers, their customers in the process of creation and innovation."

Pete Yodis

Cosmos Blobs is available as CB Model Pro. Its on the SolidWorks labs site for free download. Its been re-faced with a "non kiddie" look. (http://labs.solidworks.com/Projects/CBModelPro/). From reading statements about Cosmos Blobs and the math engine behind it and CB Model Pro - its apparently something being seriously considered for "real" engineering work at some point in the future. Interesting to see if there will be any announcements now that PTC and Siemens have both announced their plans...

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