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October 22, 2007


Govind Deshmukh

I am a retired Hewlett Packard Co. Employee. When I was working there 11 years ago, we used Cocreate cad software to design product and tools. I am trying to desing my own product. Where can I get a copy of this software for Solid Design at reasonable or no price. I just can not afford to spend the money all these software companies such as Autodesk, Solid Works are asking for. I tried to use Turbo Cad. But it is not the same caliber.

Roopinder Tara

I downloaded it with all good intentions of using bu then had to unistall it to get some room back. Problem: it still asks me to connect to the Internet every time I boot and I can't find out how to get rid of that. I'm afraid CoCreate may be haunting me forever.

Claus Brod

Minor correction: The part limit is 60, not 50.


I downloaded the free CoCreate some months ago, didn't install it -- bad habit of mine.

Got several emails from CoCreate noticing I hadn't installed it yet. Found that spooky.

Don't like it when corporations "know" what I'm doing in the privacy of my basement office.

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