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October 12, 2007



Don't forget IronCAD. They support both dynamic history-free modeling and parameteric history-based modelling. (many of the IronCAD folks worked with HP/CoCreate in the early days)

CoCreate has been doing history-free modeling for almost 20 years, since ME30. This is not a new thing. For many years, they have struggled to convince the market of the value. I guess it's because everyone is so brainwashed about parametrics and "capturing design intent". CAD geeks love to build their highly "intelligent" models, despite the fact that their models fall apart as soon as they have to make an unanticipated design change, or worse yet, they have to hand over the design to some poor fool who isn't intimately familiar with the 50-bazillion complex constraints built into the model.

Roopinder Tara

There was not a press component, as CoCreate seems to prefer to meet with press one on one for the most part. I got the feeling that having press attend a user meeting was something they were new to.



Is this event strictly for CoCreate users, or is there a component for the press?

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