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August 27, 2007


Shakeel Mirza, Inventor Simulation Specialist

Just an update on the Plassotech integration.

The product is available for download as "Advanced Simulation Technology Preview" for existing Inventor Users. The users can now go beyond the part analysis and do an assembly stress and modal analysis. More to come ...

Amy Bunszel - Autodesk

We are thrilled to have the PlassoTech team join Autodesk. They actually got started in 2002 in LA, and their first customers were in Japan -- in part due to a great distributor relationship. Owning this technology opens up a lot of great simulation opportunities for our customers and is a great addition to our digital prototyping solution.

ANSYS remains a strategic partner of Autodesk for complementary CAE solutions like non-linear high end FEA, CFD, and multi-physics and not to mention the part based stress analysis currently shipping in AIP today. You can also expect to see additional simulation partners in the future. As more and more Inventor customers come to incorporate simulation into their workflows there is even more opportunity for simulation partners.

Amy Bunszel, Director of Inventor Product Management

Corporal Willy

Wow, this is definitely going to be good for some and bad for others. I don't know what to say about this news as of yet. I will have to read others comments about this acquisition to form some opinions here. At first sight I would say it is about time but the court is out still on what they have taken upon themselves.

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