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June 07, 2007


jaxon paul

i have got an issue of low cpu usage and ram usage when am using proe.i am using hpz600,2.26GHz,6GB ram.still my cpu usage remains below 30% and ram usage is not going beyond 2GB even am working on regenerating a huge file.Is there any settings to control these issues in proe, as we have the selection option for number of proccessors in analysis softwares?.
if u some one can help me on this issue ,that would be great...


hi - please explain me
1) How to calculate the mass properties in pro-e wf4.0.??
2) How to integrate mass property with Repeat region in drawing.?
3) I have calculated for part weight but whats the relation for repeat region for assembly & sub-assembly in drawing file.


I have an assembly where all parts are perfectly placed, but when I try to place the assembly into a drawing some of the parts are floating by themselves. They are fully constrained parts, but end up by themselves in drawing mode...any thoughts?


how to merge modified object and out of date object in pro-intralink?

Account Deleted

I want some qustions along with answers of pro/e software for engineering students for following module:-
1)sketcher mode
2)part mode
3)assembly mode
4)drawing mode
plase send on my emil


Hello I am using Wildfire 3 and when I try to capture a photo render of a mechanism in action Pro e crashes normally after it has done 4-7 seconds of the clip which can take up to two hours on a high resolution and top rendering settings any advice?


hi, this is kawal. when i start use Pro-e wildfire 2 or 3 on my laptop 32 bit core 2 duo processor with 2 gb ram, it get hanged after some time. Please let me know, is there any problem for using 32 bit processor with 64 bit pro-e.


My ProE sheet metal part has two different size radiuses. Can I set a different K factor for each radii? In UG there is an option to set different values for each radius (neutral factor option), thus creating an accurate blank size. However, I only get one option to set the K factor in ProE, which has an effect on all radiuses of different size in one part. This is a problem considering even the bend tables in ProE shows different k values based on radius.


Thank you for the info. Though transcribed from memory, it seems pretty ok. I didn't get an opportunity to attend the user event, so news from the event is much appreciated. Am currently playing around with Wildfire 4.0, hoping that it won't be just another incremental update.


I have a cylindrical vessel shell having definite OD, thickness and height which is solid modeled in Pro-e. How to get development view of the sheet from which shell is menufectured?

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