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May 06, 2007



Cool, the ideas are sticking when the CAD execs start parroting our arguments. Even in jest, it means they have been thinking about it.

Heather K

Wow - so I wonder who all these people are in Borders when I'm there on the weekend? It's always packed - maybe they just read parts of books standing up and leave them on the shelf.

Evan Yares

OK... this brings to mind a rather basic question -- one that is on the subject: What are the root causes of the interoperability problem?

Bill Fane

Heck, I've read two books in the last 4 weeks. Okay, so I was doing the technical edit on the next release of two of ralphg's books...

Bryan Duffel

Thats a terribly frightening set of statistics. Not to cast doubt or anything, but where did you find those numbers?


Just books? Or all sources of reading material. I read 1-2 hours each day a variety of material on the internet, from technology to general news to speciality subjects.

There's e-books, lenthy emails, blogs -- there's much more than books out there.

And so I don't read too many books anymore. (This coming from someone who makes part of his livelihood from writing and typesetting books.)

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