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April 20, 2007


Nigel Tranter

I am guessing by your comments you haven't seen what these guys have done with NX5. I have used both Catia V5 and NX and from what I have seen it looks a far stronger product now. I am also assuming that you are perhaps Catia lovers???

Jerry Rigg

You may be on to something with the "American Idol" reference. Is NX 5 the "Sanjaya" version where a user can be a star without any real talent? ;-)

Ralph Grabowski

I just got your tenlinks newsletter that contains the headline:

"UGS Launches NX5 in China"

Coming after the new that Microsoft sold all of 244 copies of Vista in China, I can imagine the subhead to the UGS PR item:

"UGS Launches NX5 in China.
Sells 1 Copy."

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