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March 08, 2007


Chris Gosnell

Yes, he could have found someone in the US. Yes, he could have spent the money in China or India. These countries though, can afford tools like Solidworks.

Rwanda can be the out-sourcing for China and/or India. By offering CAD and design tools, all these people need to start making a living is an opportunity, electrical power and the Internet.

Big Joe

why would SW try to help a disadvantaged area of the US ? its a foreign-owned company that outsources their programming to India. for Pete's sake, why not feed the starving first, they can't eat CDs.

mohamad bagher vaez

solid work realy exelent


Not very impressive. Could he not find a city or state in the US to work with?

Politics in those countries usually require "greasing" officials and governments. So the cost of helping will prolly cost more than the seat of SW to install a seat.

Perhaps ol' John has a stake in the conflict diamond business and is looking have equipment designed to dig it up faster than with a shovel and a garden hose.

Gary Hall

My hat is off to the Solidworks Corp for doing this. Thanks for sharing this.


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