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February 07, 2007



I just checked out the Runpolls free offerings on my site - wow, I sure did learn a lot about my visitors from the poll I added.


For me SolidWorks is a best CAD solution. SolidWorks is more and more popular and many companies change currently use software for SolidWorks. Prices are alsogood for this product.

YourDesign - Way To The Future
CAD CAM Engineering Service


Pro/Engineer wildfire does have realtime rendering, but it is very pathetic compared to what Solidworks has. I use Pro/Engineer in my day to day job and I use Solidworks at home while consulting.

I like solidworks much better. It doesn't crash nearly as much as Pro/Engineer.

Roopinder Tara

Gentlemen, thank you for the correction. The post has been edited to reflect Mr. Wosniak as originator of the quote.

john mceleney

Ralph is correct - Steve Wozniak said "the software should bend to fit the user, not the other way around."

While I completely agree with Steve's comment, I did not say it.

John Burrill

Great product gets greater?
As in A>B?
I think you just said 'a great product gets bigger'
Research that, Ralph, and report back

Ian Turner

Pro/Engineer wildfire has had realtime rendering with shadows and reflections that move with the model for at least 3 years.


>"Software should bend to fit the
>user, not the other way around,"
>says John McEleney, CEO of

That's Steve Wozniak's line.

Richard Williams

A great product gets greater.

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