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January 17, 2007



do we give outsourcing works outside to the freeelancing consultants if yes plese let me know i am realy intrusted to do cad works


Tom, get your head out of the sand. Outsourcing is no different from sourcing parts from China and selling planes to India. I gather you dont have the confidence to face smart people from around the world fighting for a piece of the global pie. Get used to it. As they say, cant take the heat, get out of the global kitchen.

Tom Wojno

US in few years to come will be reduced to 3rd world...like roman empire, US is crumbling thanks to outsourcing

Edwin Muirhead

Bill, cheap shot... and way off target anyway.


Is this the reason their user interface lags so far behind the competition?

Deelip Menezes

My company is a member of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), a government body entrusted with the task of conducting the Indian IT sector orchestra. Through this forum I have had the chance to meet with top politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats. I am amazed to see the level of enthusiasm and commitment displayed by them. India and Indians are changing.

We missed the industrial revolution. This is our second chance and it doesn't look like we are going to let it go.

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