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November 30, 2006


King TuT

I thought that new release will allow layer orders so that it will be fixed layers that will appear even if you placed any items over them especially when HATCHING over the fixed layer.

John Burrill

dimensioning on the model would be nice, especially if you can pick a face instead of an edge. Still no driving dimensions, huh?

John Burrill

2007's hardware requirements kindof floored me when it came to 3D. Is anyone going to be able to make real-time rendering run on a desktop-or are they just talking about flections and fog, like they have in Halo?

D Dearborn

Imagine AutoCad and excel working together it only took about 20 years. The only significant improvement in any major Cad program will be total support for multiple cores and all the advantages the additional speed will bring. That will be a huge productivity increase for every user.


A classical case of too little too late. Just painting more spots on an old cashcow.

Robert Price

Do you mean to tell me that I should not be putting dimensions on my 3D models in Model Space? I've been doing that for the last 7 years.

But then I'm not supposed to be able to create 3D models in AutoCAD at least before 2007. One has to do that in Inventor.


Ralph is right, Postrio is AutoCAD 2007.


Ralph Grabowski

> "Real time rendering is a goal."

In a way, that's already in AutoCAD 2007 through the Realistic visual style.


It seems to me that Postrio has already been used.

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