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November 21, 2006


Bruce Beckman

I'm one of those unfortunates that needs to open a SolidWorks 2007 drawing in SolidWorks 2006. Why doesn't SolidWorks join an organization that reverse engineers it's own formats so it's OWN CUSTOMERS can open THEIR OWN DRAWINGS??


Hello ladies & gentlemen
Have you ran a script file and had problems with the (Trusted DWG) setting--it really slows down the program..

This is one I have been working on for a while. The variable for (TrustedDWG) is (DWGCHECK) and setting it to zero is suppose to turn it off--but it does not work..
No one has figured it out.!!
So I had to dig deep. Its not just to tell you that the dwg is a trusted file or that there is an error----but it is also directly associated to the internet services allocated to Autodesk.

This is how you get rid of it. go to the very bottom of autocads window.. next to the LOCK toolbars icon.. Then hit the arrow next to it.. Its called the status bar menu.. You will see (Tray Settings)--now un-check the (Display icons from services)...
Now its fast!!!!
Thats its!!!!! I hope this helped out---I know it was bothering me..
Have a good one and enjoy!!!

Tom Lazear

The CAD market must be at the peak of penetration and about to start its decline if we have been reduced to spending this kind of money on ridiculous squabbles over a format rather than development of new and innovative techniques.


The ODA built the librarie/API so that the TrustedDWG code could be turned on or off at will. We are shipping our products without the so called TrustedDWG. Its funny, we have reports from customers who use our application to open AutoCAD drawings and repair them. How trusted is "TrustedDWG" anyway?
Please give us your opinion. Take an anonymous, one question survey about this subject at http://www.icadsales.com/index.pl?id=4085

Ralph Grabowski


Yes. Autodesk would join the ODA if member companies extended it the same courtesy: open their proprietary file formats to everyone.

Special mention to Bentley Systems, who did just that with MicroStation V8 DGN. Even more special mention to Intergraph, whose IDGS may have been one of the very first CAD vendors to open its file format.

Dassault? UGS? PTC? SolidWorks? Your turn...

I have two questions that I ask in all sincerity and without malicious intent, expressed or implied. I ask only to learn the truth.

1. I have heard a rumour. Is it true that Autodesk has at least once volunteered to join ODA & to share the DWG format on condition that all ODA members release their proprietary formats as well, but they refused?

2. Do all ODA members share all their proprietery file formats amongst the group?

Bill Fane

Alex Neihaus

Hi, Roopinder. Our comment on this is at http://www.3dmojo.com/2006/11/22/shooting-blanks-at-oda-and-wounding-customers/

A.D. Dontcry

Oh come on. Autodesk is upset about ODA? Their suit has a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding. Lets not forget that the data belongs the customer to do what he pleases. If he decides to reverse engineer the data, its his right. Autodesk has NO reach here. Granted, IP issues only come up if ODA reverse engineered Autodesk's code not the data. I hope the other vendors have the guts to fund ODA to stand up to this nonsense from Autodesk.


Autodesk doesn't want to shut down the ODA, but it does want to assert its IP over DWG: the ODA cannot use reverse-engieered encrypted code that is unique to Autodesk.

Autodesk is taking advantage of the perfect storm:

- the ODA is leaderless.
- the ODA is missing $.5 million from its warchest.
- the ODA is claiming TrustedDWG as its own.

It is clear from ceo Carl Bass' many comments on this issue that he is willing to ignore the ODA, but this time they went too far.

In his recent interview with Martyn Day, he gives no indication of the upcoming law suit.

The 500+ corporations who are ODA members could step in and provide funding for the legal fight.

In the time it takes for this case to wind its way through the courts, the ODA could easily release a new DWG 2007 API without the offending code.

In the meantime, CAD companies like SolidWorks, PTC, UGS, and ITC can continue to use the offending code until a judge orders them not to.

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