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September 06, 2006


The Jayman

used both - would rather go back to AutoCAD if forced to use SolidWorks. If we could build one package out of both - we would have the worlds best usable CAD software.. until then - they both suck lamb ass.


They Both Suck, history based programs.
we are currently running solidworks and acad mechanical.
I prefer SolidDesigner!!



As I understand it, SolidWorks declined due to scheduling conflicts, and perhaps a feeling it was a biased "shootout".

At any rate, what does it matter?

Shootouts are only of value to purchasers unwilling to do their due diligence, and editors looking for something to write about.

Smart shoppers shouldn't be swayed by these comparisons.


Like so many things in life, contests are often effectively decided in advance, by their content and rules... So I think it's unlikely that the two would find enough common ground for them to be interested in competing head-to-head.

At the same time - is it really necessary? Obviously when two applications make it to a certain stage of maturity, both are going to be reasonable solutions for most manufacturers to consider - with the differences being less tangible issues such as "comfort level", "ramp up time for average users", number of available contractors in the local market, etc.


Time for a rematch?

Now that's a question that will likely go un-answered.

Both tout their strengths against each other and in another head to head neither would show up due to the marketing departments locking the doors. They don't want to break the stare from their snake charmed potential customers.

The only way either would show up is if they have input into the contest criteria. And low be it to lose to another competitor other than each other.

No, I doubt they would really compete ever in a blind contest. One touts "the best MCAD 3D software" and the other tauts "the best selling 3D software". Each has a lot to give up; you won't see them at the table anytime soon.

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