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September 13, 2006


Garth Coleman

johnDr, the names of the people doing the posting are below the post. The 3dmojo post was by Alex Niehaus. The post by ToxicVoxel is something different. Just wanted to clear that up.


The post by toxicvoxel above is using an email adress that belongs to me. The pseudonym has been used by me on other blogs. I have no affiliation with 3Dmojo.com

larry ostrander

the reason i buy cad autocad software is to stay current

because as a CADD technical support consultant it is the reason im in business

Richard Williams

All of the above.

Sanjay Kulkarni

Generally it is a combination of the following two factors:
1. Peer pressure – (Remember in your college days you feel ‘backward’ if you don’t smoke or drink because everybody seems to be doing it?). There is so much hype and discussion about the ‘never before capabilities’ latest version and everybody around us seems to be using it.

2. You are compelled to upgrade by the vendor policy.

Rest all is hogwash. :)
- Sanjay Kulkarni


We rate on increased profit margins. Will this software make us money or cost us money. After all thats what its all about, right?. If its a little known company or a big corp doesn't really matter to us. If after the purchase and a set timeframe we set for this software to be profitable thats all that matters. Legacy data is a buzz we don't get caught up in. Lets face virtually all CAD software can migrate your legacy in a areasonable fashion if really needed.


An important factor not on your list is the availability of trained staff for a specific CAD system considered for purchase. Can you find operators at short notice when you hit that deadline bottleneck. If available how do rates compare to operators using GunToTheHeadAndUpgradeNowCAD?

Alex Neihaus

Hi, Roopinder. Cool poll. We like #11 and have a little more to say (as usual (-: ) at www.3dmojo.com

Robert Green

I believe #2, #4 and #11 drive the process. Nobody ever got fired for buying AutoCAD (as an example) because it's been around for 20 years (#2), everybody is using it (#4) and chances are that your data archives are compatible with it (#11). If I were to add another to the list it would be cost and/or upgrade policies.


another factor is occasionally, one or more members of staff already experinced with that software.

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