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September 07, 2006


Rob Davis

I have been using Alibre for 6 months (now upgraded to Expert with Alibre Motion). In that time I have 6 Alibre designed jobs operating - sure beats 2D. It is a great package and does all that I want. It is easy to learn due to its intuitive nature and also due the excellent training material provided by Alibre (free and very good paid for CDs). If you are new to 3D CAD you want do better than Alibre - if you a rusted on to Inventor or Solidworks, Alibre is sure to disappoint.

Richard Williams

I did an article on Alibre awhile back and it truly is a worthwhile program to own. Starting from the Free Express program but a limited version, you can go all the way up the ladder to their Professional Modeling Software when you need it and it is still way under the price of Solid Works or Solid Edge. The support staff is very responsive to questions and problems. I remember the challenge some years ago that Alibre began. Draw something that Alibre cannot draw and I don't remember if anyone ever could draw something that Alibre couldn't draw. Great Program led by a great guy Mr. Greg Miliken.

Evan Yares

Good piece, Roopinder. It all rings true. If you get a chance, possibly you could talk to the folks from IronCAD and VX, and write something similar about them. They're both "under the radar", but have really good products. (OK -- there are a lot of great companies that are under the radar. I guess we just need better radar, don't we?)

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