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June 26, 2006


American Engineering Group LLC

Interesting discussion.


Maybe Autodesk buy something smaller like revit FEM partner CSI, RISA or ROBOBAT ?


Consider the possibility that ANSYS bought Fluent as a defensive move (ultimately offensive) to prevent Dassault from buying them. There are some technical reasons Dassault is screwed for advanced coupled analyses. They can go buy StarCD if they want. But Abaqus and Fluent were already deep in integration (FSI). Who would have ever thought of ANSYS of a CFD house?

I don't ever see ANSYS mgmt allowing a buyout from a CAD house. I was at PTC when they screwed up Rasna. PTC sales mgmt had no idea how to position/sell Mechanica. There are plenty of ANSYS sr. mgrs that remember that lesson.


Autodesk only paid US$182 million for Alias.

Ansys market cap according to ( http://www.corporateinformation.com/snapshot.asp?Cusip=03662Q105 )
Is about US$1.7 billion. So yeah I would say Alias was a small acquisition.

Autodesk has a market cap of about US$6 billion. Dassault is in the same range and UGS is somewhat smaller. It is a relatively big acquisition for any of them in my humble opinion but certainly not out of the range of possibility.

You would get big to remain independent if you want to control your own destiny and they certainly could gain efficienies in distribution givent their models are similar. Also since they are going to be essentially competing against indirect distribution getting it cost efficient is probably prudent.


ANSYS is a public company, so all Autodesk has to do is buy up 51% of its shares to own the company. Naturally there are tactics ANSYS could employ to make Autodesk back away, such as have a clause that fires all ANSYS executives should the company be taken over (aka poison pill).


Why would anyone make an acquisition for the sole purpose of making themselves to big to buy? Couldn't they just refuse to sell? And isn't Alias a big acquisition?


AutoDesk buy ANSYS? Not likley. the ANSYS guys are way to smart for the AutoDesk crew. And Autodesk has no history of buying large companies. It's not their style. It would be far more likely for Autodesk to buy something like Algor or some other small time FEA house than ANSYS.
Besides, my guess is ANSYS merged with Fluent to try and gt to big to buy by the CAD houses. They already had CFX so they really didn't need another Fliud code....

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