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May 01, 2006


Edwin Muirhead

As a Pro/E user myself, and supporting hundreds of other users, the Mathsoft purchase makes great sense (see my review @ http://cadmincouk.blogspot.com/2006/04/ptc-buys-mathsoft-worldcad-access.html )

Especially since we make use of Pro/E's parametric nature and drive 3D models from spreadsheets, webpages, etc... MathCAD is a more "natural" platform, allowing you to see formulae as you'd write them, and avoiding the lengthy spreadsheet cells.

Hopefully the expected integration will be open + powerful.


I am one of those scary users you mentioned. Actually I'm not a user at all, but I'd like to become a recreational CAD user.

What package has integrated FEA and rigid body calculations so that I could design a bar stool, and easily determine:

a) if it is top-heavy, so that drunken customers could easily tip it over, and

b) if a fat person sat on it, which part would give way first.

Also, are there such things as libraries of materials that I could specify, which the FEA would take into account, so that a bar stool made of PVC would bend differently from a bar stool made of tungsten?

Thank you very much.

Alex Apostoli

I just bought Alibre with the hope that in the future they might add MathCAD integration to their product. I use MathCAD not only for numerical analysis but also for complex structural design work. It is far superior to a spreadsheet and it's potential is virtually unlimited. With PTC purchasing MathCAD this seems unlikely to happen. Dohh!!.

Jaspreet Singh Hothi

The PTC-Mathsoft merger may seem illogical with only 900 identified customers, but we are only considering the current state of two softwares. Merger of the two softwares can open new avenues and applications for both of them. We know that capabilities of CAD softwares are greatly enhanced by spreadsheets, which by theory has got nothing to do with CAD. I think PTC is looking beyond the current potential customer base for their new product.

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