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May 24, 2006


Distance Learning

Its funny, I took a 2-year vocational CAD course in High School and even got certified. Ten years later I tried applying for a CAD position and realized how much I forgot, even the versioning is different now. Needless to say I didnt get the job. I think there is an opportunity for someone to offer just distance tutorials, short one or two sessions for people who just need a brushing up on things, or want to learn a few new tricks.

Kumod Kumar Singh

I've completed civil Engg & have RCC design experience of 3 three years. I've done desings through readily available charts. However now I m itrested in learning STAAD throgh any mode i.e. either byy distance education or through any training center


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am studying staadpro. Can you help me in learning staad pro. Kindly give some ideas to learn staadpro easily.

Thanks with Regards


i'm unable to see the staad.dto in 2005 version & how can i create a prismatic section in staad?

Abdul Fatah Laghari

I am very begginer to learn the STAAD PRO, Can You kindly help me in learning and can you send me the handouts to learn the STAAD PRO, I will be thankfull to you for this kind consideration.
Thanking you.

pavan kumar.T

how can i know staad pro/staadetc /staad dto /staad foundations

can u mail sir

thank u sir

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