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April 11, 2006


Matt Dillon

As an independent blogger I have never been asked by Autodesk to post anything or to remove a post, nor have I felt pressured in any way shape or form to post anything positive.

In fact, aside from some personal acquaintances who also happen to be employees, I never receive any feedback, positive or negative, on my blog from Autodesk, which is as it should be.

Jimmy Bergmark

An answer to why I'm blogging about Autodesk products is that I'm using them on a daily basis. I also blog about other non CAD stuff. I think it's a great way to share back to the web community. I've learned a lot from other blogs, newsgroups, etc and I hope some can learn something from my blog. Sometimes I also post to the blog as a reminder about something for my self so I easily can find it at a later point. Then of course having a value of my blog postings and getting traffic to it also makes it easier for potential customers to find and get to know about my company and the services I can provide them with.

Do Autodesk control the "monster"? Not that I know of. I feel free to blog about both the good things as well as the bad things both at my blog and on my website. I have for example an extensive list of AutoCAD bugs on my website.

Jimmy Bergmark
JTB World

Roopinder Tara

Just received an official response from Autodesk:

"Autodesk considers blogging to be an important channel for communicating with our customers, and our executive team fully supports the company’s blogging activities. We do not incent customers for blogging, or compensate them for doing so. Autodesk’s blogging guidelines are for internal use only."

However, the person I spoke to did not know that another Autodesk employee had already posted a response revealing at least some of Autodesk's internal policy on employee blogs.

Chris Blocher

1. Maintaining the Beyond the Paper blog is a secondary duty. My primary job is to be the Engineering Project Manager for development of our Quantity Take Off application.

2. Autodesk does have an official blog policy. It has many common sense things like: post at least 3 times a week, stick to what you know, be truthful, etc. An employee signs and agrees to it before setting up his blog.

3. N/A - I am an employee.

4. I am a salaried employee. I can devote time during the day to my blog as long as my other duties also get done. This is my first year maintaining a blog. I expect that it will appear on next year's performamce review.

5. Carl Bass regularly reads my blog and provides encouragement. Amar Hanspal has also done this.

6. I am allowed to put negative material as long as it is accurate. Naturally as Autdoesk employees, we do try to share both sides of a story. There are reasons why things are the way they are - even with items such as defects. I attempt to provide links to patches or share workarounds. To date, I have not been censored.

7. I provide links to other blogs based on content - not status.

8. As an Autodesk employee, I discuss unreleased software in the http://myfeedback.autodesk.com forums. These are designed for this purpose. For my blog, I am allowed to comment on anything that has been released. My focus is DWF. I even referred to AutoCAD 2007 as DWF Content Creator. I often get ideas for blog content in the news://discussion.autodesk.com newsgroups.

Sean Dotson

>Does Autodesk assign status on a blog based on >favorable/unfavorable content?

If they have not attempted to censor me yet then I doubt they will to anyone (perhaps unless they break a law by revealing trade secrets or other items covered by NDAs). Some of the stuff on my "blog" can go to both extremes of praise and criticism. Speak with some people at ADSK, this "fair and balanced" view is what makes me credible as a "reviewer". You have to question a blog (like a magazine review) that is ALWAYS glowing with praise.

I'd like to see Shaan's answers to the rest of those questions.


While Autodesk sponsors numerous employee blogs, some of them are rarely updated.

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