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March 22, 2006



Responding to Rob MacEwen, I agree and am surprised when users are stunned to learn of features that have been in software "forever."

I recall a major author in our field, who has had a monthly column in a CAD magazine for years, ask me how I was able to grab dialog box images so nicely for my books. I told him about the Shift+PrtScr key. He was amazed. Never knew the capability existed.

(I have other screen-grab tricks, which I am reluctant to reveal. Must keep an edge, etc.)

dave espinosa-aguilar

i guess it depends on how 'in the dark' or how impressionable someone is who attends one. myself, after 20+ years of being in the industry, i have yet to find any vendor presentation useful. ever.


I am a vendor and I agree. They aren't all that useful mainly because of all the useless buzzwords. But I disagree with Ralph... Most customers/prospects have no idea what the possiblities are with existing tech. I see lots of jaws drop when the most basic concepts and tools are introduced.


I find vendor presentations useful when they speak of new technology. Unfortunately, however, presentations tend to sell existing tech -- yawn.

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